Helping your eyedrops reach your eye

Children and Babies

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Step 1
Double check that you are about to place the correct drop in the correct eye.
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Step 2
Wash your hands.
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Step 3
Make sure your child or baby is flat on their back with their face aimed at the ceiling. A bed or sofa is ideal. The face needs to be totally flat, so a cushion may not be required.
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Step 4
Shake the bottle, and test how much squeeze gives a drop.
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Step 5
Keeping the eyes closed drop one or two drops onto the inner corner of the closed eyelids. An older child can then simply blink or open their own eyes and the drop will slip through onto the surface of the eye. A younger or more fearful child can keep the eyes closed. In this case gently open the upper and lower eyelids with finger and thumb and the drop will slip through onto the surface of the eye. This technique is also useful for sleeping children and babies, who often remain sleeping throughout the whole drop application. A younger child may need 2 drops to allow this technique to be successful.
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For an older child able to open their own eyes, a single drop is still usually adequate.
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Step 6
Put the lid back on the bottle and dab any overflow with a clean tissue.