Helping your eyedrops reach your eye

The Basics

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Step 1
Double check that you are about to place the correct drop in the correct eye.
An essential step prior to the administration of any type of medication. Read the label to be sure that there are no reasons why you should not use the drop.
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Step 2
Wash your hands.
Clean hands are essential. You do not want to introduce any infection.
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Step 3
Position your patient, or yourself, in a comfortable position for whichever technique you have chosen.
The more comfortable your position, the more likely you will be able to keep still.
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Step 4
Shake the bottle, and check you know how much pressure is required to make a single drop be released from the bottle.
It is sensible to familiarise yourself with the type of bottle, dropper, tube or delivery system you are about to use.
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Step 5
Choose your technique, watch the video instructions of that technique, and then go for it.
Pull the lower eyelid away from the eye and, without touching the tip of the bottle on the eye or eyelids, drop one drop into the space between the lower eyelid and the eye.
With all the other steps in place, this will become easy.
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Step 6
Put the lid back on the bottle, dab any overflow with a clean tissue and congratulate yourself on safe and successful drop application.
Practice makes perfect!