Helping your eyedrops reach your eye

Top Tips

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Punctal Occlusion.

To maximise the ocular penetration of your drops, minimise their systemic side effects, and stop any unpleasant taste in the back of your throat, if you gently press on the inner corner of your lower eyelid for 2 minutes after drop instillation you will prevent any excess drop draining down your nasolacrimal duct into your nose and throat.
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More than one drop.

If you are instilling more than one type of drop, remember to allow 5 minutes between the first and second drop to ensure you don’t just wash the first drop off the eye with the second drop.
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More than one drop.

If you have 2 similar looking dropper bottles it can be confusing to remember which one you used first! Wrap an elastic band around the second bottle to help you differentiate the first and second.
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Cold drops can feel nice. Keep your drops in the fridge if convenient.
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Not eye drops!

Store your eye drops well away from other drops that may come in similar containers. Like superglue!